Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



You yourself is not acquainted with the melodies of the mystery,
Otherwise the world which seems like a veil from the appearance
is speaking and resonating like the string of an instrument and is
expressing the divine mysteries.
(Ghalib is talking to himself, expounding to himself from a position of maximum closeness the mysteries of Sufism.)
The morning after the night union, the beloved's defeated colour is
the morning of the spring time of sight, her charm is worth seeing,
Because the flowers of coquetry have begun to bloom, this is the
particular time for her to be enthusiastic in her coquetry.
(The arrogant beloved who has now herself become a lover.)
The glance of favour and attraction that you cast on the others,
Arouse envy and jealousy in me.
(When I come the curtains of your long eyelashes have fallen.
Your gaze has been lowered and it is not inclined to rise.)
(Here lover juxtaposes his own situation with that of beloved.)
I do not want to deceive the world. The reason I restrain my sighs,
is not fortitude, rather,
If I sighed, then my burning sigh would finish off my feeble life.
(As candle melts and flows away, my sigh is enough to consign me to oblivion.)
From the coming of the spring season, so much turbulence has been generated in the wine that,
Wherever in the corner of carpet full glasses of wine have been put, they are leaping in their places the way a glass leaps on the head and shoulder of a juggler when he set it in motion, and then it
settles down in the same places.
(If the glasses are metaphorically drunkards, the carpet is metaphorically a "Glass player".And the vision of the room swinging and swaying would come very naturally to someone who was intoxicated.)
My heart,which through narrowness and captivity has turned into a knot,
Makes a claim on the fingernails of grief for scratching, the way someone would demand payment of a debt.
(It is better that we scratch away our heart with this fingernail that was not able completely to open the knotted heart. What worse revenge can be taken upon it for this failure.)
The digging of the grief of separation,conquered,looted and destroyed "Asad",
What ever treasuries of the secrets of passion or secret of mystical knowledge were hidden in the breast,they all have been exposed.
(The depth of lover's heart contained knowledge and mysteries at once,and now they are all have been ravaged and looted.)