Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



My friends,in sympathy what more they can do than to cut my nails, In the state of madness I scratched the wound and did not let it heal.
In opposition to my friends,by the time wound heal my nails will grow again and all the efforts will be useless.
(By believing that they can cure him,his friends have shown that their minds are more unbalanced than his own.)

Your intentions have passed beyond all limits,
You ignore my state and do not listen to me.
(Lover's restlessness and beloved's indifference. When the hearer does not listen to speaker,it very much displeases the speaker.)

Ghalib has made it clear the honour and respect paid to the adviser,
And then he has conveyed so much contempt for his understanding, What can be explained. Who is he anyway.
(I will never in any way be ready to renounce passion.)

Today I go there having put on Sword and shroud,
Let me see what excuse emerges now.
(It is the custom of Arabs, that when someone was resolved to die, he wrapped a shroud around his head, then no one stops from dying.)
(With what solicitude he has expressed the approach of death.)

If the adviser puts us in the prison,then well, so be it,
But the madness of passion is not something that can be erased.
(The relationship of passion is with the heart, bodily imprisonment can have no effect on it,)
(In prison,I will be at leisure to clutch my madness to my bosom and cherish it as it deserves.)

Captive of faithfulness and prisoners of curls neither fear a prison cell nor flee from chains,
Because in passion,these things are constant occurrences.
(Chains and cells are like my present state of passion, why I would flee from them.)

In Delhi, there is a famine of the grief of love,no such beloveds whom one could love,
Our food is the grief of love,and that is not available here.
(He says all the big cities are now stranger to love.)