Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



In the world human beings find no release from lust and desire,
If death is not there, then there would be no relish in the life.
(The fruit of life is death.)
When you look, you make use of a custom of ignorance,
After all what is your intention, at every thing you say what?what?
(If your purpose in this custom of ignorance is that I would become irritated and wash my hands of my passion for you, then you should be disabused of that error.)
I see your inappropriate flirtations with the rival,
When I complain to you about this in polite words, then you counter complain. What kind of behaviour is this, explain it.
(Why would I reproach you for your amusing complaints, I consider them kindness.)
Meet my eyes, I would not be able to endure your gaze, and will collapse,
Why do you test my endurance and stead fastness by averting your eyes.
(This endurance-testing negligence does not please me. Meet me without a veil.)
(How the dignity is being tested.)
Flame in the dried grass is the guest of a moment, faithfulness from the lecherous is never expected,
Where is the respect that lust fullness has for the honour of faithfulness.
(This is a taunt directed to rival. He does not feel passion but lust.)
We are intoxicated with the mere thought of cup-bearer,
Why should we fret over worldly existence or nonexistence.
(The breath as a wave in a sea of selflessness, almost like mystical death in the high Sufi mode.)
I do not care for the scent of the beloved's garment on which rivals have put perfume,
If the breeze comes from the rival's street, bearing the scent of perfume on a garment, then what is to me.
(I am in no mood for the perfume of the garment, so I do not care whether the wind blows perfume toward me,or away from me, or to the rivals or all over the place.)
From the instrument of every drop tune of "I am the sea" is emerging,
Since every created thing is calling itself the creator, then we are the same thing that our creator is.
(We have the body of a man.From head to toe we are a great part of His identity.)
It is contrary to custom for a blood-price to be taken for martyrs of a glance,so why you are afraid,
look at me,If I die,I take responsibility for it, no questions will be asked you.
(The beloved's glance is deadly and would be fatal to the lover. The beloved may be concerned.)
My heart was considered valuable, because in it was the "Merchandise of faithfulness",you broke that and looted it, so listen now,
The sound of the breaking of a heart is lament, which you fear and do not want to hear.
(Do not be afraid,you did not break my heart, rather you broke the value of a heart, which happens silently.)
(You say,you know nothing about the breaking of a heart,does the breaking of a heart ever make any sound, that you would hear it.)
When did I make a claim of courage and strength possession,
The tyranny or negligence or troubles of separation that seek me to make me wroth with restlessness.
(I absolutely do not make claim that I can have any peace without you.) (The lover's indignation is delight to behold.)
Why is a fortitude-testing vow made to me,
She is murderer because of her cruelty and an infidel because of her generally impious behaviour.
(If he actually believed her, that would be the most fatal.)
Her everything is a mortal disaster "Ghalib",
Her speech,her gesture, her glance in short heart-stealing.
(What a matchless way to end a ghazal like this one.Her every thing is a life-threatening disaster.)