Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



If I do not unburden my heart of the load of complaint and lament,
Then there is no doubt that the silence will attach itself to me forever and this scar on the moon will serve as a seal on my lips.
(if you do not listen attentively to my sorrow of separation, then the scar on the moon will become seal on my mouth. The way whole world sees the scar on the moon,in the same way the state of my troubles in separation from you will be revealed to all.)
The terror of the night of separation turns gall-bladder to water,
Then it will not be strange if the moonlight's gall-bladder too would turn into water and it would destroy my house by deluge.
(He compares the moon to lover. If the gall-bladder turns into water during the horror of the night of separation, thus the moonlit streaming into the lover's house will become a torrent of water.)
If the beloved would come into my dream and I kiss her foot,
Then she would become distrustful and cease to come even in a dream.
(He dreams of the beloved, but even in his dream he is afraid to kiss her foot, for fear of vexing her.)
I had thought that I would expend the heart in doing tasks of faithfulness,
I did not know that it would be offered up to the beloved's very first test.
(I thought that the heart would always keep us company in faithfulness. I did not know that on the occasion of a test,in one single glance it would be finished off and I would have to traverse the road of faith without my friend.)
When you are in everyone's heart, then if you become favourable toward me,
Then everyone's heart will become favourable toward me.
(If you become pleased with me then the whole world will become gracious to me.)
The glance of anger which hints at me to restrain laments and sigh,
From fear from it, it would not be strange if flame becomes hidden in straw like blood in a vein.
(The effectiveness of the beloved's wrathful glance is such that even fire will hide itself in straw out of fear of it.)
Do not take me with you into the garden,
Otherwise, the fresh and moist flowers will become blood-scattering eyes and shed tears of blood at my condition.
(He is apparently so weak that he can not walk unaided, so he has to have help in getting around. But despite his weakness condition he is sympathetic to others. He requests not be taken into the garden. The result will be that instead of enjoying a pleasant stroll in the garden, you will experience displeasure, because the people enjoying there will begin to weep see my condition.)
God forbid, even on judgement day justice would not be done,
Then it will indeed be a doomsday for me.
(The lover has given up all hope of even fair treatment from the beloved during this lifetime and waiting for the justice on judgement day. And if it were not to be done then, what a disaster it would be.)
Nobody with any brains get involved with reckless and silly,
So You would be foolish to cultivate such a friendship.
(It is a proverb,"A fool's friendship-Loss of oneself.)
(Naadaa kee dosti-Jaan ka khatra.)