Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



This time spring has come in such a way that not a single space has remained unoccupied with greenery,
Even the ways in the garden, were the wicks, through which the lamps of tulips were lit.
(The path,which were neutral, useful only for human, turns out to be the integral part of life and beauty of the garden.)
(Path has the same affinity with tulip that a wick has with flame.)
(Full of mystical possibilities.)
Without the wine of mystic knowledge, nobody has strength to bear the terror of worldly knowledge,
But the weakness of the spirit,we make the lines on the glass of wine to measure it before drinking.
(The calamity is that we do not have within ourselves the strength to drink enough wine(Mystic knowledge)to avoid this.)
(Human can not bear too much reality.)
Flowers are laughing at the crazed behavior of Nightingale,
And the passion itself is a defect of human mind.
(Even the flowers are laughing to see the activities of their lover Nightingale.)
The madness of poetry did not come over me just today,
Just as an opium user inhale the smoke through a hollow reed in style of huqqah, by burning the lamp, I keep lighting the lamp and spend time in thinking about poetry.
(There is a fact that he related in this, that in those days ink was generally made from lamp-black or soot.)
Here we escaped from the prison of passion, and it entrapped us again,
We are compelled by our temperament, this wretched temperament will not listen.
(If your heart itself refuses to be at peace, then how can you escape from passion of the world.)
(While living in this world a human being can never be without care and involvement.)
Man's eye has been created so that it would always keep on shedding tears of blood.
If heart's blood does not flow from the eye then instead of a wave of glance dust begins to fly within the eye,This wine house,that is the human eye,becomes ruined without wine.
(The glory of the eyes is to shed blood,remembering the beloved.)
(Eye is the wine house. Blood of the heart is wine,the wave of glance is dust,wine house is ruined in search of wine.)
What makes the bud of my temperament bloom is the springtime of your garden of beauty,
This wine house,this spring rain cloud has been created in order to render unconsciousness;I do not know by whom.
(Ordinary wine drinkers can take pleasure in spring and strolling through the garden.I bloom only by springtime of your beauty.)
(Every adornment in this world is only for mankind.)