Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)



I want to weep,so I remembered the days when I in fact had tears to weep with,
But the heart and liver has lost the power to generate tears,and lamenting for the loss of power to generate tears.
(Now I am not able to shed tears and douse the fire of the heart.) (The memory of wet eyes again made the heart long to lament.)
The turmoil and commotion of doomsday in my life yet not even abated,
When the time of your departure,I remembered and and my restlessness gave birth to a new doomsday.
(The restless heart was tormenting me,when your departure came to my mind.)
Look at my simplicity of desire,I care for impossible,
Despite my knowledge about beloved's changeableness,still my heart longs for those trick of glance and coquetry.
(The Ghalib marvels at his naivete and helplessness.)
(Because of open-heartedness,that trick of sight came to my mind.)
You make an excuse of tiredness to me,O longing of the heart,
I used to wail because I ,remembered the the liver.
(I present excuse of my weakness and inability to complain and lament with tumult and commotion to the heart,and the heart is amazed.The reason for that is due to wails the liver has split apart and it can not produce tears.Its life is over.Now I knew it.)
Now there remains life,that passes away in any case,When there is no hope of union,nor of a glance,
Then why without reason your lane came to my mind.
(If only your lane had not come to my mind,life would have passed any way,after all.)
(He has taken the work of fate and destiny is the cause of his foolishness,and expressed regret at it.)
(What a luck,now instead of a lonely life I will have a real meaning of death.)
When in Paradise I remember your house,then I will want to run away,
Rizwan(Guard of Paradise) will prefer Paradise to your house and stop me,and then a fight will take place.
(Height of mischievousness. Ghalib has total confidence about going to Paradise,and Paradise has no hope to see the radiance of beloved's house.)
(Ghalib has to defend the beloved's house and Rizwan the Paradise,and then fight will take place.)
During those days I used to show courage in lamenting,that courage is there no more,
The heart hesitates to lament due to the fear of the beloved's disgrace.So I remembered the liver because it has more strength for lamenting than the heart.
(But alas,now even the liver has no strength for lamenting.)
Nowadays the thought goes toward your street,
Perhaps the lost heart will probably be there.
(Now that the heart is already lost, what is the point of searching in your street.)
I used to consider that nowhere would be desolation like my house,
But the desert too is so desolate to such an extent that having seen it,the desolation of my home comes to my mind.
(Only GHALIB can pull things like this.)
In childhood,imitating the playmates,I had picked up a stone against MAJNU,
But my power of empathy was so strong that in my head too that same kind of madness of passion accumulated,and I felt pain.
(I reflected that such a person is worthy of compassion.)
(My temperament from the childhood onward that of a lover.)