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हमने माना कि तग़ाफ़ुल न करोगे लेकिन,

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ख़ाक हो जायेंगे हम तुमको ख़बर होने तक !!

Mirza Asadullah Khan (Ghalib)-27-12-1797(Agra) To 15-02-1869 (Delhi)

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Ghazals Of Ghalib

The Almighty Of Rekhta

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Mind Fresheners-8

71.Teacher:-Which is the oldest animal in the world?
Student:-Because it is black and white.

72.Q:-Johny built two swimming pools but he left one of them empty,why?
A:-It was for those who do not know how to swim.

73.Interviewer:Do you know MS office?
Employer:If you give me the address I will go there sir.

74.Wife:-If I climb mount Everest what will you give to me?

75.Nakul:-I got married because I was tired of cooking,cleaning and washing.
Rishi:-I got divorce for the same reason.

76.Three statistician try to shoot a rabbit.First man misses it on the left.Second on the right.Third one says"We have hit it."

77.Teacher:-What is the name of the molecule CH2O?
Student:-Sea water.

78.Q:-What do call a fish without eyes?

79.Patient:-Doctor,doctor,I think I must be invisible.Everyone ignores me.

80.Friend 1:-So,you are distantly related to the family next door,are you?
Friend 2:-Yes,their dog is our dog's brother.